Hose Installation Kit

Until now a purpose-built tool for the connection of braided steel hose and fittings has been lacking from the automotive market. Installation was performed manually, something that was difficult, labour intensive and risked injury. Due to demands in the high performance and automotive industry, Aeroflow’s purpose built Hose Installation Kit solves these problems.

Unlike other kits on the market, Aeroflow’s Hose Installation Kit incorporates a flexible design making it easy to assemble as well as making the replacement of parts simple. Made of aluminium, steel and iron to prevent corrosion, Aeroflow’s Hose Installation Kit is made to last. It also comes in a convenient carry case for easy transportation.

Release the hose clamp assembly by releasing the thumbscrews. Slide the socket nut holder open.

Slide the cover back and slide the socket nut insert into the tool and the hose clamp inserts into the holder.

Place the socket nut into the tool holder and the hose into the hose clamp. Place the nut into the nut clamping mechanism and slide the cover closed.

Place the stainless steel braided hose into the hose clamping mechanism and tighten the two screws to hold it in place.

With the cover closed and the hose held in place begin rotating the wheel until it cannot rotate any further. Measure depth of nut to prevent overthreading.

To transform the Aeroflow Hose Installation Kit from an installation tool to a vice simply slide the hose clamp and handwheel assembly off the base.

Unscrew the socket nut holder and screw on the vice adaptor.

Slide the two vice-jaw pieces onto the base of the assembly. Slide the handwheel assembly out and slide back into the groove of the vice piece.

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