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Aeroflow engineers have developed an innovative lightweight reusable 360° swivel hose end to work with our Krytalon® ultra-light weight flexible hose. One piece design allows for uninterrupted flow and eliminates the extra leak points of braised multi piece fittings. made from T6 aluminium and then hard anodised for durability they are designed for serious racing applications where light weight is a priority but are equally at home in any application. Designed to work with the large bore of our Kryptalon® hose they have a greater flow rate than standard Teflon hose ends giving you the best of both worlds, improved flow and light weight. Proven under the rigors of Nitro drag racing, there's no better choice when lightweight and reliability are required. Extremely easy to assemble, no special tools are required. Available in black or titanium hard anodised finish.

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