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Aeroflow Air Filter Warranty

Aeroflow O.E. Replacement Air filters are backed by  a million kilometre warranty when used on paved roads and on vehicles for which they were designed. If our product ever fails to provide complete satisfaction, Aeroflow will replace it.

What is not covered by our warranty

Aeroflow products used for racing or competition use or any off-road use, custom or modified applications, illegal highway use, marine or industrial applications. All Aeroflow filters NOT covered by our million kilometre warranty are warranted against defective materials or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase (proof of purchase must be provided).

Incorrect cleaning or wrong application voids warranty

Aeroflow air filters should be cleaned every 40,000 kms for normal highway use, more frequently in dusty conditions. Cleaning must be done with Aeroflow cleaning kit only. Use of compressed air, any chemicals for example Petroleum/gasoline, transmission fluid, motor oil, lightweight oil or diesel fuel used in place of the Aeroflow cleaning kit will void the warranty. Abused or modified filters in any way will not be accepted for warranty.

Aeroflow Oil Filter Warranty

In the unlikely event that an Aeroflow oil filter is found to be faulty or defective in material and/or workmanship, Aeroflow will replace it for you free of charge. In the event of an engine failure directly caused by a defective Aeroflow oil filter, which was professionally installed and changed following the engine manufacturer’s recommended service intervals, Aeroflow will repair the damaged engine to the state of the engine immediately prior to the damage. Claims for engine repairs provided under this warranty must be submitted within 30 days after discovery of damage. Aeroflow reserve the right to examine the engine and filter to determine the amount of damage and whether it was caused by a defective Aeroflow oil filter. Engine manufacturers warranty remain in effect when Aeroflow oil filters are used.

Conditions of this warranty

This warranty covers oil filters fitted to engines in accordance with current vehicle listings.
This Warranty does not extend to labour charges or external charges. I.E. towing
This warranty does not apply to product that:

• Has been subject to Intentional misuse, neglect, negligence, damage
• That has been improperly maintained, operated or installed
• Has not been installed with accordance with the vehicle, engine manufacturer’s recommendations
• Has not been installed in accordance with current Aeroflow published catalogue vehicle listings
• Is subject to any other external factor outside of the control of Aeroflow
• Has not been used for its intended purpose